I'm David, the photographer, owner, creative, weirdo behind the lens. I'm a 25 year old who really just loves documenting and being a part of the beautiful life that we have. I have lived, loved, and lost and throughout my short time here I've come to realize that love, the love you have for your girlfriend, fiancee, wife, family, friends or even weeny dog, that love, is why we are all here. So what better way to move through life than to spread that love by documenting it in others and giving it back to them? I mean I love it. 

A couple of things about me. I will not embark on our journey together from a place of disingenuity. I simply cannot be anything other than authentic in my photographs. I will not fake anything of set anything up. That's not me and how I do things. I very rarely like to get involved in how things play out. I love emotion. And life is full of it. And I find that more beautiful than manufactured perfection. 

The small things. The smell of her hair. The way he looks at you when you smile. His goofy laugh. The small things. These little intimate details are what we remember. And that is what I aim to capture because my life has taught me to be grateful for those things more than the big. 

“. . .but when you feel, you are nobody but yourself.”

-E.E. Cummings