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Kyle & Marybeth // Calaveras Big Tree State Park Intimate Wedding

Oh yeah btw did I mention we shot BOTH photo & video. Haha I’m pretty proud of this one. Here is a little sneak at their teaser film. Full film to come!!

This one was incredibly special. Lots of times people think they have to spend lots of money, have a huge party with lots of people, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However the size of a wedding does not always make it more meaningful. This intimate wedding was an absolutely beautiful example of that.

With there being only 14 of us, Yasmeen and myself included, it put all of the focus on the couple, on their story & on their love for each other.

I know both Kyle & Marybeth from the days when I wanted to be a physical therapist. Kyle is this extremely fit, funny, kind person. Marybeth is equally as funny, equally as active and equally as kind. To be honest the one word that comes to mind as I sit here struggling to write something eloquent is kind.

Now let me preface this by saying that this is an absolutely, genuine wedding. Too often are “elopements” similar to this just a portfolio builder for a photographer or a marketing shoot. This is not that. This was not a styled shoot. Which quite frankly to me just goes to show how you do not need a team of people to make something beautiful. There is something so fantastic and inviting about this wedding that I fell in love with. Everything from the rugs, to the wooden cross, to the place settings had this air of home. Of intimacy & care. And being incredibly personal. Everything was put together and/or made by someone who was present at the wedding/backyard reception.

That to me is so incredibly special.

And then getting to spend your first moments as a married couple up in the beautiful mountain air, running around in the post wedding glow was pretty dang awesome.

At the end of every wedding Yasmeen and I always ask ourselves what the favorite part of the wedding was. For me there was so much. However one of the moments that sticks out in my head is getting to sit in their home after everything was all said and done, on their living room floor and just talk. Hang out. Reminisce about their relationship. Share stories. There was really nothing quite like it. For me this was a first and I sure hope that it is not the last time I get to experience something so intimate, personal, and authentic.


A huge thank you to Kyle & Marybeth for allowing us to be a part of this incredibly special day in your lives.

With love,





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For the photographers out there this wedding was shot on Canon 5d Mark IV’s & a Fuji X-T3 which I am quickly falling in love with.


8 Things I’ve Learned On The Road To 27 // My Birthday (Leica M10 & Sony A7iii)

27. I’m not really sure where 25 went but here I am 27 years old. Being the deep thinker that I am birthdays mean a time for reflection and looking back to learn what I can in order to shape my way forward. Wanna hear what I learned?

  1. Welp, I am still incredibly hard on myself. I think that may have softened a hair in the past year but not much. Put that one in the “things to work on” list.
  2. Learning how to navigate between what is good for your heart vs what may be good for others.
  3. We put so much pressure each other and ourselves on being “selfless”. But the moment that you do anything for yourself there is always someone there to tell you “wow aren’t you being selfish.” That’s a load of bullshit. Don’t listen to those people. Or yourself if you are saying that. Take care of yourself. The healthier you are in mind, your body, & your heart the  more apt you are to helping others out of love than out of this sense of obligation.
  4. It is never as scary as your mind makes it out to be. Have faith in yourself and your abilities.
  5. Treat your mind and body as if they were friends. A couple of snickers are cool, but force feeding your friend 13 snickers is probably not a good idea. Exercise in some way, it will change your life.
  6. Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake.
  7. Do things when you think of them, don’t put them off, you WILL forget.
  8. The answer really is love. I didn’t understand this for a long time but I promise if you do a little digging it always comes back to love.

My way of celebrating this year or rather reflecting involved having a dinner with some of my favorite people. It was simple, not magazine worthy, but hey we had good-ass pizza. Shout out to More Than.

The next day we left to go camping. Mind you, this was our dog’s first time camping. Ever. I being the planner & worrier was a little apprehensive about if they would be comfortable and more importantly if they would let us sleep. Well we didn’t sleep but that wasn’t because of our dogs. They were fantastic. But there just happened to be a large party of hooligans at the camp ground who stayed up all night.

Start rant. If you are a partier, that’s totally fine. But to me you do not come up to one of the most beautiful, serene places and continue your partying. Most are courteous and kind to others while you camp. But inevitably there are always the few who spoils it. Have fun, sure. But be kind to others as well. And probably lay off the drinking. End rant.

Either way we had a great time doing absolutely nothing but reading, napping, and taking walks around the campground.

And finally we came home snuck in a quick nap, and then my family had a mini party for myself, my uncle, & grandmother who all are August babies. Anyway I hope you enjoy this peek into my life. If you do I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

With love,




P.S. A huge thank you to Horn Photo for letting me borrow a Leica M10 from you. The below images are shot using that along with a Sony A7iii.


Adventurous Kings Canyon Engagement Session | Garrett + Kate | Clovis, CA


Holy sh*t. This engagement has been one of my favorites so far. I know I’m not supposed to play favorites but I genuinely feel like that after every engagement session. That’s the beauty of it. I tend to structure things both for myself and for whoever I am photographing to allow for spontaneity & authenticity. That is where the whole “The Authentic Photographer” thing comes from. And because of that rarely are two engagement sessions ever the same. And I LOVE that.

Garrett & Kate. I think we met on a weekend and then had our engagement shoot literally a few days later. It was quick and because of that we didn’t have too much time for anything elaborate. But that’s not my style anyway. I like minimal. It is never about things and always about the emotion and bond that you share as a couple so minimal planning is right up my alley. We picked a day and a general direction. That direction being Kings Canyon National Park. We didn’t have a ton of time so we pretty much decided to wing it. And boy did that work out beautifully.

Truthfully this is something I need to work on in my own personal life more. Letting go and just letting things happen. Not planning for every eventuality. Right about now Yaz is probably screaming AMEN to that.

Anyway I absolutely love these two. And I’m not saying that like every person on Instagram says it. They have such a funny, and loving dynamic together. Garrett is the talker, as I was warned by Kate very early on. And Kate tends to reign him in when he needs it which is usually pretty often. Typically I’m the one asking questions wanting to get to know the love story, what you like to do for fun, etc. However this time around they both had so many questions for me about the intricacies of what I do and what it’s like. So that was pretty awesome.


These two absolutely adore each other and keep things so light, and fun. I think that is something you will see in the photos. Thank you two for such a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy this memory and these mementos of this beautiful time in your lives.


With love,




Our 3 Year Anniversary (Short Film)


So this is a really kinda of personal post. About 2 years ago I started messing around with making iPhone movies of some of our trips & adventures together. I fell in love with the idea of having a different way to remember some of the things that Yaz and I have done together. Let’s be honest, and I am the last one to want to admit this but as we get older it’s hard to remember all the details of what we do. Fast forward a couple years and I absolutely love video  but haven’t shot a whole lot of what we do together. That idea of creating short films, kind of like how my parents used to with their little Sony Handycam when we would take road trips or trips to Disneyland. Not for the purpose of sharing, but for the purpose of being able to look back on those memories and remember.


That’s exactly what this is. A few snippets put together to form some sort of story of our 3 year anniversary together. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to post it because it feels so personal to me, but screw it. I really enjoy it, even if it isn’t the flashiest of films. It means something to me.


I hope you enjoy this intimate look into our lives I know that it is something that I will treasure and hopefully be making me of.

Beautiful Bay Area Vineyard Wedding | The Bertallee’s

My goal as a photographer is not to be a photographer. I genuinely, down to my bones, care about love. I think it is one of the most important things that we have in this world. That means that I genuinely care about you and your love story. So much so that I LOVE feeling at home with my wedding couples and they with me. But the truth about this story is that I have been friends with these two for a very long time.

The serendipitous part about this is that I was on this couple’s first date with them back in high school. Crazy. It’s incredibly beautiful and sometimes a little bit weird at how life turns out. Steven & Celina have been through so much and are incredibly beautiful people in their own right. I was honored and so grateful to be a part of their wedding day just outside San Francisco at a venue called Nella Terra.

There is honestly so much in this story for me that makes it so memorable and special. Truthfully the photographs can do a more complete job telling you than I can, as they always have. Stay tuned for a video to follow!!



To all prospective wedding clients:

I believe in the power of connection. Recently video has become such a powerful tool and joy for me. As a kickoff to me being 100% full time, I am including a highlight film with ALL wedding photography packages for couples who book this summer! Head over to the contact page to get in touch for more information!


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