Brandon & Tori | Fresno, CA Engagement Session

These two had never had their pictures taken before. Naturally they were a bit nervous. I always get nervous before my shoots, regardless of how many I have done. It just happens. However once we got going it was clear that this was going to be a great evening with some very genuine people.

Tori happens to be an elementary school classmate of mine. When she asked me to photograph her engagement and her wedding as well a couple things happened: 1) I was super excited and, 2) I started to feel rather old. Brandon as I would come to find out, is a fun, goofy, carefree guy. You will soon see through their photographs that these two just fit so well together. They compliment and enhance each other so well that honestly I did not have to do much at all.

I am definitely looking forward to this wedding next year! Here are there engagement images, I hope you all enjoy this beautiful couple!

Jeff & Katy | Ivanhoe, CA Wedding

This wedding has been a long time in the making.

Man oh man. This was a beautiful wedding. It was hectic, stressful, HOT and so emotional moving all at the same time. Yeah it was a bit of an overload. But definitely worth it. You may or may not have seen these two on the blog previously and know that these are two good friends of mine. Honestly I cannot express how beautiful this wedding was from the decorations, flowers, venue to the people and the words and emotions all going on this beautiful day.

Jeff is a junior high school friend of mine. We competed in track and field together as jumpers. Katy happened to be a jumper also. I remember one meet sitting with Jeff while he was checking out this pretty damn good long jumper from another competing school. That girl turned out to be Katy. Kinda weird and maybe a little creeper-ish at the time but now here we are 5 or 6 years+ later and I’m writing about their wedding. About having taken pictures at it. So amazing how life works out some times.

These two are beautiful people. If it’s not evident enough by just looking at them, you can see it through the company that they keep. Their families, friends, friends of friends that were all here on this day were all awesome. Really there are not words to describe what was in the air  this day other than love.

I love these two and am fortunate that I was there to experience and document this day filled with so much love. In this day and age we could all use a little more of it. Thank you Katy and Jeff for the opportunity and hope that all of you enjoy the images from the day. Also a huge thank you to Historic Seven Sycamoes and Kim for putting up with all my inquiries and requests. A thanks to Mr. Jordan Pulmano, dude is a crazy good videographer. Fleurie Flower Studio for doing an awesome job on the florals for the wedding! And my beautiful girlfriend for helping me shoot this wedding. She killed it let me tell you. haha. Honestly, I am grateful to all of you for making my job wayy easy!

Enjoy the images!!

November 6, 2015 - 10:13 pm

Fleurie Flower Studio - Thanks for so awesomely capturing this beautiful wedding! It was such a pleasure to do the flowers for this sweet couple!

The List: The Black Cloud

As mentioned before I have this list. A list of ideas in my phone. Emotions. Concepts. Thoughts. A list of things that I have experienced, thought about, or been curious to explore. This list is something that I’m driven on my own to accomplish. To create something new. This list is very near to my heart.

The Black Cloud. Do you know those days where you just wake up feeling off. Your light within you is a little dimmer than usual. Things just don’t seem to happen your way. Everything feels like it’s working against you. Then there is your own self talk in your head. Maybe you aren’t skinny enough. Smart enough. Creative enough. Not good enough. I don’t care who you are but we have all had days like this. Thoughts like this. Some feel it more intensely than others And that’s okay.

But this is the black cloud. It looms over those days. You may worry or be more self critical than usual. Maybe more irritated. And so I wanted to put this into a portrait. A huge thanks to my sister for helping me with this one. One of my favorite images to date. Here is to the rest of you who have felt this way. You are not alone and don’t need to be ashamed. I can definitely relate and I hope you can too. It’s okay to talk about it. In fact the more you talk about it the more that pesky black cloud turns into clear skies. 


Alison | Fashion

I’ve been busy lately and I love it. Shoot after shoot after shoot. But I still like to take time to meet with other creatives, especially young rising creatives, and just talk perspective. Talk about why we do what we do and even better, collaborate on projects together.

This last Sunday I met up with Alison. She’s a photographer in her own right. Super down to earth, creative and friendly, however you may know her as Pretty In Python. Her header reads “An Intelligent Aesthetic” which definitely rings true if you have ever met her in person. We got together for coffee in Tower District to talk shop. And well it may or may not have turned into an impromptu shoot. I was in a walk-and-talk sort of mood anyway and eventually we found ourselves at some really awesome antique stores. Welp, I think you know where this is headed so I will just shut up and let you see the photographs from our impromptu shoot. If you are at all interested in fashion be sure to check out her website for more of her stuff!


The List: Dream Teaser



So there is a list. A list on my phone of shoot ideas. Of things I have felt, images that pop into my head, some of which on a regular basis. Ideas and realities that I have been through. For so long I have put off that list. But now I’ve started on it in an effort to be more true to myself. To be vulnerable. I intend to finish it one day. My first two portraits from that list, Two Worlds Collide and Vulnerability are already posted to this blog. For me it’s cathartic. Therapeutic. I’m not trying to impress, more just trying to express what I feel through one of the only ways I know how.

This next photograph is a teaser to a shoot I had earlier this evening with a friend who I met through others, Shannon. She does her own makeup and is damn good at it. Her sister and her have their own Youtube Channel that you can find here.

I have been obsessed with the song “Dream” by Imagine Dragons. It’s a beautiful song that speaks to me. ” We all are living in a dream, but life ain’t what it seems. Everything’s a mess.” We all want to seem like we are living perfect lives and it’s easy to look at other people through social media and see all of the good. But there is so much more to each one of us. So much beauty. Beauty in our most hidden secrets. I am working on trying to be okay with not being okay at times. It’s okay to not be perfect. I don’t even use that word anymore. Perfection. It doesn’t exist. We are beautiful how we are and I am striving to work towards that in myself every day. Striving through photographs.

This portrait is an interpretation of a feeling and a teaser really of a set of images to come. Please take a moment to check out the song as well. I hope you enjoy and find beauty in your life today.