Being Present.



So recently I have been spending a ton of my time at my computer. Sitting. Staring. Working. Now don’t get me wrong, this is great. It means that I am able to do the things I love. Sitting at a computer for hours on end is just the price that I pay associated with doing what I love. So I will gladly pay that price day in and day out.


But it’s still hard.

I take breaks. Often. Because I have to. If I don’t then I start to get weird. And not the good kind of weird either. We as humans are not meant to spend our time in front of a screen. So the lack of genuine connection and interaction gets to you. But I have found a solution to this. It’s pretty simple to be honest. That thing you feel like you are lacking. Well just go do it. So the other day I got up and went outside and just took a walk around the block. Simple. Easy. And I can get my steps in. Sweet right? Almost.


On the way out, my car was parked out front. I realized I had a camera in there. So naturally I grabbed it. Now here comes the tricky part. Your intention matters. More than anything. Clearly defined intentions establish boundaries and can take pressure off of yourself and allow you to fully relax. I could have easily gone out on this walk-break and tried to create the MOST AMAZING picture I could possibly come up with.


But I didn’t.

I don’t really even like taking pictures of things that can talk back to you. But so what. This was just a break. A walk around the park so to say. So I said to myself. I just want to photograph what is interesting to me. And try to do so in an interesting way. If I come out of it with something cool, that’s great.


I realized after the walk this is really a great exercise. A meditation almost. In being present. In being aware. Just appreciating everything and noticing it for what it is, for how you see it. Not trying to make it something it is not. WE do that so often. I know I do. We want our days, our lives, our moments, shit even our food to be. . .perfect (I really dislike that word). And so during all that wishing we look at things and try to make them what we would like them to be and miss out on the beauty of what they really are.



This is my approach with all of my clients. You want to be skinnier. Taller. Think you smile weird. Think you have a big nose. And want me to change all that. Nope. Sorry. But I will show you is how beautiful and unique you are, as you are.

I know I went deep on you guys and gals again. I’m not sorry. 🙂


Safe to say there will be plenty more walks like this.

The Five Minute Journal



So it’s been a while. I know. I’m sorry. I said I’d call. And I never did. But I’ve been busy (lame excuse, right?). Well I’m back. With something a little different. The Five Minute Journal.

I am a HUGE fan of journaling. In my personal life every now and again I take some time to sit down and journal. In times of high stress, you better believe that I journal my little heart out day in and day out. It’s almost a form of meditation for me. Except I do actual meditation too. Yeah I know, I do a lot for myself. I have a lot to say. Anyway, I follow a ton of people. Creatives. Entrepreneurs. In general, people who think differently. One of those people is the rather interesting and diverse personality that TIm Ferris is. See where this is going. Yes he recommended the Five Minute Journal. It’s part of his morning routine which you can find a podcast about here.


Welp now it’s part of my morning routine. You know those people that complain and complain about wanting to be happier and for their life to be better? I mean, just depending on the day or what side of the bed I wake up on I can be one of those people too. We all can. But the difference is I make sure that I go out and do something about it. Like journal. Full circle.

In order to live and be differently you have to first start with the way you think. You must think differently. Hence why I follow all of these weird thinkers. I love it. I love seeing how these people think and what work has gone into it. That work for me is now the Five Minute Journal. Today is day one. So I can’y really give my experience with it yet. This is more of a declaration. A declaration of intention. That I intend to do this. Day and night. Forever.


Not really, only five days. Gotta start somewhere right? After this mornings journal I can honestly say it definitely only does take 5 minutes. Easily fit in to any schedule. But you have to be willing to invest the time. And honestly what could be more important than investing time into yourself. It is such a simple notion yet for some reason VERY FEW PEOPLE DO IT THESE DAYS. We are too busy investing in Apple, new gear, or that new car. Why don’t we make time for ourselves? Shit I don’t know. But I am going to try to do more of it. So here we go. 🙂

Cesar & Veronica | Hanford, CA Engagement Session

I love when clients have never been photographed before, are nervous, but decide to go through with it anyway. . . and absolutely kill it. These two did absolutely just that. Not to mention we had a beautiful day in a beautiful place. None of it staged, just shot as is. That’s what I love. So incredibly much.

Gentlemen take note, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of courage. Cesar met a beautiful woman one day, mustered up the courage, while working I might add, and tactfully started a relationship that would turn into a marriage. So. Awesome.

Honestly, I don’t really look at photo sessions as photo sessions anymore. I mean yeah, I am in the background snapping away but if anything I love to give people time and space to just be. Literally just be there, in whatever moment is happening. Really it becomes an exercise in being present & being mindful, two things which I am ALL about.

There are times on shoots where I ask a couple to look at each other and I intentionally leave them to be. Just be. With each other in that moment. Sometimes people aren’t used to slowing down that much. Just being. Well let’s just say that if I would have let them, Cesar & Veronica would probably still be there in that field staring at each other. There is such romance between them that it is beautiful.

I hope that some of that has carried over into these photographs and that today you stop and take a second to just be. Ladies & Gents I give you Cesar & Veronica’s Engagement!!


Tyler & Taylor | Mt. Hermon, CA Engagement

These two. Where do I begin. Honestly their story is a pretty cool one. Back track a couple of years ago to Mt. Hermon. That’s where their story starts. In the meeting of two strangers while working at camp one summer.

Now I’ll be honest, I’m a go-off-the-feel sort of guy. I usually tend to get a “vibe” from people pretty quickly. Yes, okay, fine, I am kind of a sucker for a good story too. Hopeless romantic if you want to call it that. But at the end of it all I believe in love. And when we met and they told me the story of how they met working at camp and how Taylor had always hoped that she would be able to go back and have her engagement pictures there, who was I to shoot that idea down. Honestly, I was sold on the idea before she even finished her sentence.

Now if you can’t tell by the pictures this couple is a tad bit happy to be in love. These two are both patient when necessary and supportive of each other. You can just feel that they have each other’s backs. They have faith in each other.

I am so grateful to these beautiful people that they allowed me to be a part of their love story and for their kindness the day of the shoot during our little day trip. A huge thank you to Brook also who helped with makeup and all of our hair, mine included. Take a look and show some love for Tyler & Taylor’s Engagement! Super excited for their wedding next year!

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March 30, 2016 - 3:43 am

Jon Yost - Thank you David for the pictures. I really enjoyed your blog post!!!


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Being a photographer is an interesting thing. We must learn to care about our art as if it were one of the most important things in the world in one moment and in another moment realize that what we do is a luxury and at some level is just play. Now with this being said, one of the top 2 things I get asked while on a shoot is “What kind of camera do you have?” or “What do you use to edit your pictures?” Immediately followed by some version of, “Nikon is the BEST!” Canon sucks.” or “It’s ALL about how you edit.”

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Hold up.

She just said it’s all about the editing? Did she just say that? Yeah it happens a lot. And Van Gogh’s painting’s were all about the brand or type of paint brush that he used too.

Okay I know, you are probably like “David we have heard this before,” and you probably have. Everyone wants to be heard and to get some connection, admiration, and justification about their art right?


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I do it because I can. Because it’s what is in my heart. I get to experience and discover and learn about the world in this way. And because we live in a nonpostapocalyptic world, I get the luxury of photographing people. So awesome. Tangent over. Back to the meat of this.

Point being, the people that say those things don’t know better. So I tend to just let it go. However when we know better, we do better (one of my favorite lines). You wanna give photography a shot right? You think you could do what I do and plenty others do, right?

My advice, go out to a thrift shop or better yet a garage sale and buy one of these. A film camera, and a 50mm lens. Your dad or grandpa probably has one laying around somewhere. Get some film. Learn about shutter, ISO, and aperture. Then, wait for it, SHOOT. Take pictures like mad. Pictures that speak to you. Do it for the art. Because you enjoy it. Because you can.

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That’s if you want to be a photographer. If you just want a good camera to take pictures with, go get your phone. Pick that up. And voila! That thing is a beautiful piece of technology that can not only take pictures but edit damn well too. And if you want something more, literally any camera these days you can buy from your local camera store for $400 or less is MORE than enough. We are way spoiled these days. If you take that film camera advice, you will see just how spoiled we are first hand.

All of these images were either shot with an iPhone or edited with an iPhone or both.