The List: Dream Teaser



So there is a list. A list on my phone of shoot ideas. Of things I have felt, images that pop into my head, some of which on a regular basis. Ideas and realities that I have been through. For so long I have put off that list. But now I’ve started on it in an effort to be more true to myself. To be vulnerable. I intend to finish it one day. My first two portraits from that list, Two Worlds Collide and Vulnerability are already posted to this blog. For me it’s cathartic. Therapeutic. I’m not trying to impress, more just trying to express what I feel through one of the only ways I know how.

This next photograph is a teaser to a shoot I had earlier this evening with a friend who I met through others, Shannon. She does her own makeup and is damn good at it. Her sister and her have their own Youtube Channel that you can find here.

I have been obsessed with the song “Dream” by Imagine Dragons. It’s a beautiful song that speaks to me. ” We all are living in a dream, but life ain’t what it seems. Everything’s a mess.” We all want to seem like we are living perfect lives and it’s easy to look at other people through social media and see all of the good. But there is so much more to each one of us. So much beauty. Beauty in our most hidden secrets. I am working on trying to be okay with not being okay at times. It’s okay to not be perfect. I don’t even use that word anymore. Perfection. It doesn’t exist. We are beautiful how we are and I am striving to work towards that in myself every day. Striving through photographs.

This portrait is an interpretation of a feeling and a teaser really of a set of images to come. Please take a moment to check out the song as well. I hope you enjoy and find beauty in your life today.



It’s that place between bravery and fear. Halfway out on a tightrope. That feeling right before you say “I love you” for the first time. The feeling of being naked. Or how I felt right before I hit “publish” on this post.



The thing is, we need it. Scratch that. We need it to live full lives. To feel completely happy. To feel completely sad. In order to live a fulfilling life you need to let yourself be vulnerable, at least I think. Sometimes we are forced to be. Sometimes we fight it with all our might. I know I did. And still do from time to time.

But I’m learning to love it and embrace it. I know I know. Some of you are probably thinking “where is David going with this?” He is getting all serious and intellectual on me. Well I want my art to touch people. I want to make people feel something when they see my photographs. As I go through life and experience things this is the way I have chosen to express those things I feel. That’s what I think photography and art should be.

And if I get really lucky maybe someone out of the 10 people that may see this, will relate to it.

So here I am trying to practice what I preach on a large scale. My interpretation of what vulnerability looks like. Be the first one to speak up. Answer the question in class. Say I love you. Give a hug. Be kind to a stranger without being asked. Give a speech in front of 10 people. 100 people. Tell someone how you really feel. Be angry. Be sad. “Ask for the courage to let yourself be seen.”

I’m trying it and it’s scary as hell. This. As I type this is scary as hell. But it has been so worth it to do so. So here I am choosing to be vulnerable. Choosing to Dare Greatly.

Two Worlds Collide

It’s been a while. It’s been some time since I shot something for me. That meant something to me. I’ve gone through a personal journey. Recently. I have grown more than I ever thought I would. And photography is a way for me to express some of those ideas and feelings, hopefully, visually. In the end I shoot for me. It’s a release for me. To relax. Sometimes I wake up and realize I need that. So I decided to start on the list of shoots, ideas, and most importantly, feelings, in a note in my phone.

Have you ever felt tension? That feeling of two of your worlds becoming one. For the longest time I felt as though at home I had to be one thing. Act a certain way, be a certain person. And then with my friends I could be anything I wanted. It was like I was living two separate lives. In two different worlds.  That’s the story behind this shoot.

I took my lovely girlfriend with me on a little adventure around town, because any photographer knows that when you get creative and don’t have anyone to shoot you either photograph yourself or your significant other. haha. Sorry significant others.:)

Anyway that’s my little aside to this shot. I hope that you can relate in some way. Your worlds might be different then mine. But at some point I said “screw it,” I want to be me. Everywhere and anywhere.

I hope you enjoy this photograph. If you would like to offer up an idea or be a part of a shoot feel free to leave a comment or message! Thanks and I hope you find the courage to let your worlds collide. It was scary as hell for me. But so worth it. 


John & Jocelyn | Yosemite Maternity Photography

I was one of those people who had lived in Fresno my entire life and had never been to Yosemite. So when Jocelyn and I were brainstorming one day during work about where we should go for her maternity photos and Yosemite came up, I was thrilled. My first trip to Yosemite would be for a portrait session, with some awesome people. I cannot be more grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Yosemite with Jocelyn and her husband John along with my assistant for the day, Melissa.

Yeah I was nervous. I’m going to a brand new place. To photograph an important time in some good friend’s lives. Not to mention I work with Jocelyn. So if the pictures came out terrible I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Ever. haha

That’s one of the most beautiful things in life. Being vulnerable. And I honestly enjoyed it so much and cannot wait to get back up the mountain to do some exploring up there. I hope you as an outsider enjoy the photographs and cannot be more thankful to these two beautiful people for allowing me to take part in this amazing time in their lives. Also this is part 1 of 2 for Jocelyn’s maternity photos. More to come very soon!! For now congratulations to John & Joce!!


August 13, 2015 - 5:05 am

Natalie Melo - These photos are do beautiful!

Dan & Amanda | Fresno Family Portraits

A majority of the awesome people that I get to photograph are friends of friends and those who have heard of me through similar pathways. However by virtue of having a website and your info plastered on the internet I get to meet people that I have no connections to whatsoever. It always makes it that much more rewarding when those people turn into friends and trust me to take their photographs for them. Honestly now that I type this it really does blow my mind. That complete strangers would want ME to take their photographs.

I am beyond grateful that Dan & Amanda trusted me to take their family photographs. They are a beautiful couple from Oregon that were in town with some free time from Dan’s busy schedule with the Fresno Grizzlies. They also have a super friendly baby of their own in the form of a French bulldog named Lily.